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How to Reduce Your Holiday Spending

If you find you are paying for your holiday gifts well into the new year, this may be the time to change your holiday spending habits. The average American shopper will visit nine stores, spend twelve days shopping, and include an average of fourteen people on their shopping list. You can reduce or eliminate your post-holiday debt by planning ahead. Keep these tips in mind.

- Make a budget, write it down, and stick to it. Try to avoid impulse purchases.
- Pay with cash or checks if you can. If you must use a credit card, use only one and keep a running tally of your purchases.
- Start and finish early. You will avoid the crowds, will be able to take advantage of sales, and will be less inclined to make last minute, hurried purchases. If you are shipping gifts, you will avoid high delivery charges on overnight or two-day delivery.
- Limit your gift list to one present per person and buy only gifts for those close to you. 
- Watch for sales all year round to take advantage of lower prices.
- Consider giving alternative gifts. Bake cookies, make ornaments, frame some special photographs, or give babysitting time.
- If you are mailing items, pay special attention to the weight of your gifts. Choose lightweight items to save money on postage.
- Buy holiday cards, gift-wrap, and decorations at the post-holiday sales.
- Save your receipts. It is inevitable that something will need to be returned. If you’ve bought an item that later goes on sale, without a receipt you will not get your full refund.

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